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Client Testimonials

“Having Adrianne as my doula was truly a gift and honor. She walked me through a very challenging pregnancy. I felt safe, informed, supported, and comforted. Being on the delivery bed can be the most painful, scariest experience- her passion and value for life, her caring, gentle demeanor and loving spirit helped me give birth to a beautiful life, and I will be forever grateful to have had Adrianne as part of my journey.”

- Shani M.

Entrepreneur & Mother of 2

“I planned to go natural for a second time and it was an ultimate success! However, Adrianne deserves credit because she was there every step of the way. Through conversation, prayer, encouragement, randomly checking on me; ANYTHING I needed she provided! She's been such a blessing to me and this experience of mommyhood (round 2). I had great midwives at Penn Hospital but they didn't top my Doula, not one bit!”

- Danielle L.

Gardner & Mother of 2

“Adrianne was my doula during my labor with my son and she was absolutely fabulous! She went above and beyond to make sure that my labor went as smoothly as possible and that I was well informed about all circumstances and outcomes that may occur!”

- Muriel J.

Wife & Mother of 2


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